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17 Apr


TP Vision社はPhilips社のテレビ事業を移管する形で設立した会社で、2012年4月2日に立ち上げに関する契約が完了したと発表されている。合弁会社の株式保有比率はPhilips社が30%でTPV Technology社が70%。
今後はTP Vision社が「Philips」ブランドのテレビの開発や製造、マーケティングなどを担当する。本社は、オランダ・アムステルダム。今回の事業移管に伴い、Philips社の従業員約3300人が、TP Vision社に籍を移す。

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20 Feb

Philips and TPV want to introduce a OLED-Tv prototype at IFA-2012

Philips announced today there new Smart-Tv LED-LCD-TV lineup for 2012. Philips want to introduce the Philips 7000 Series, Philips 6000 Series Philips 4000 Series, Philips 3500 Series. The joint venture with Philips and the taiwanese company TPV want also to introduce a OLED-Tv prototpye soon. 続きを読む »
22 Apr


オランダRoyal Philips Electronics社は、台湾TPV Technology Ltd.との間で合弁会社を設立、Philips社のテレビ事業を合弁会社へ移管すると発表した。合弁会社の株式保有比率はPhilips社が30%でTPV社が70%。Philips社は合弁設立6年後にすべての株式をTPVに売却できる権利も持つ。株式を売却すれば、Philips社は長年にわたって中核事業だったテレビ事業から完全に手を引くことになる。

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24 Jul

TPV、PhilipsからTV事業を買収か ? 中国語ウェブサイトが報道

台湾TPV Technologyが、蘭Royal Philips ElectronicsのTV事業を買収すると中国語ウェブサイトcheaa.comが報じた。
なお、Philipsは、2010年のLCD TV生産台数として1,400万~1,500万台を計画している。
21 Dec

Philips plans to improve TV business in 2010

 Dutch electronics giant Philips plans to return its television set business to the black in 2010 through improved cooperation with Asian partners including LG, Sharp and TPV, the company said Wednesday.
Sales of classical tube television sets have plummeted in recent years with the advent of cheaper flat-screen TVs. The Dutch concern withdrew from the TV set market in the United States and from a joint venture with the South Korean manufacturer LG to make LCD displays.
The company said its new strategic concept to streamline its Consumer Lifestyle sector, including TVs, would help it 'further optimize the supply chain in Brazil, Poland and China.' Philips 'continues to expect its TV business to post at least a
break-even result in 2010.'
19 Dec


シャープが、蘭Royal Philips ElectronicsへのTV用LCDパネル供給量の拡大を目指す考えを明らかにした。Reutersが報じた。同社は2009年10月、「グリーンコンビナート堺」(大阪府堺市)で世界初の第10世代(10G、基板サイズ2,880×3,130mm)LCDパネル生産ラインを立ち上げ、ソニーや東芝など外部のLCD TVメーカーへのパネル供給を増やしているが、巨大な生産能力を持つ同ラインの稼動安定化には、自社のLCD TV「AQUOS」向けのみでは不十分。今後は海外勢との取引も積極的に拡大し、操業の安定化を図ると同時に、パネル外販率50%を達成する考えと見られる。
29 Jan

Philips said to be outsourcing 70% of its LCD TVs to OEM makers in 2008

Royal Philips Electronics is looking to outsource manufacturing for 70% of its LCD TV shipments this year, up from nearly 60% in 2007, LCD TV makers were cited in today's Chinese-language Commercial Times as saying. The company expects to ship 14 million LCD TVs this year, with about 10 million units being outsourced.

TPV Technology has been the vendor's main OEM partner, though last year reports indicated that Philips would be adding Funai, TCL and Qisda as additional LCD TV OEMs from 2008.

Still, TPV will receive OEM orders for about five million LCD TVs from Philips this year, with Qisda and Jabil each receiving orders for over one million units, according to the Commercial Times report. Qisda reportedly landed OEM orders for 26- and 32-inch models from Philips, while Philips is the main LCD TV customer of Jabil.

Philip will outsource limited orders to Funai and TCL since the company has just started working with the companies. TCL has confirmed that it extended its cooperation with long-term partner Philips to the LCD TV segment in December 2007, and TCL expects its LCD TV production for 2008 to increase by nearly 300% on year.

TPV Technology expects to ship eight million LCD TVs this year, while Qisda aims to ship 2.5-3 million LCD TVs, according to the report. TCL expects to ship 4 million LCD TVs this year, the report added.
22 Jan

Philips Aurea LCD TV targets high-end European market

Like Sony's Bravia and Sharp's Aquos, Aurea is the new iconic sub-brand for Philips LCD TVs. But in the way the trio market their products, Philips has obviously taken a different approach. Excluding some small sized models and a few very small regional-sized markets, Bravia and Aquos are respectively the generic symbol of Sony and Sharp-made LCD TVs. Philips Aurea, on the other hand, represents only the most elite class of LCD TVs targeted for the Europe market.

Unlike other consumer electronic companies, Philips does not particularly emphasize on the specifications of its TVs in Europe. For example, Philips did not launch its 47" and 52" TVs until the end of 2007. By contrast, Samsung, Sharp and Sony are already going head to head in the 65" and 70" market segment. However, technology-wise, this does not represent in any way that Philips is lagging behind its Japanese and Korean peers. Instead, it is a demonstration of Philip's insightful observation of the importance Europeans attach to the TV's overall style over the TV specs ---a pivotal reason behind Philips keen development of the Ambilight product lineup.

Currently, there is only one market available Aurea model---the 42PFL9900D. Like today's high-end TVs, the set is equipped with features such as FHD and 100Hz refresh rates. Needless to say, the model also comes with Philips proprietary Ambilight feature.
17 Oct




5 Jan

Philips exits its nascent electronic paper business

AMSTERDAM, Jan 3 (Reuters) - Philips Electronics (PHG.AS: Quote, Profile , Research) (PHG.N: Quote, Profile , Research) said on Wednesday it had sold the majority of its "electronic paper" or rollable displays business to Luxembourg venture capital group, Technology Capital.

Technology Capital has invested 21 million euros ($28 million) in Philips' Polymer Vision business, and in return now holds around 60 percent of the shares in the company.

Philips retains 20 percent of the company which has around 30 staff. Employees and management hold the remainder.

The company is the first spinout from Philips' Technology Incubator which was set up four years ago to speed its technology to the market. Philips no longer sees display technology as a core activity, having sold its cathode ray tube and liquid crystal display businesses in recent years. Philips now focuses on healthcare and lifestyle businesses. 続きを読む »
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