China-based flat panel maker BOE Technology plans to build up a new 8.5G plant in Hefei with a capital input of CNY28.5 billion (US$4.47 billion). Volume production is slated for the first quarter of 2014, according to industry sources.

Of the planned capital input, BOE will inject CNY7 billion and related government organizations and other construction firms will contribute up to CNY10 billion, indicated the sources, adding that the rest of the needed capital will be made up with bank loans.

The new 8.5G line will have a production capacity equivalent to an input of 90,000 glass substrates, the sources revealed.

BOE's new capacity in 2014 is likely to deepen the oversupply of the global flat panel industry, negatively affecting LCD panel prices and the profitability of panel makers, the sources commented.

Meanwhile, TCL reportedly has submitted a proposal to the China government suggesting it raise tariffs imposed on imported LCD panels to 8-12% from 5% currently, the sources added.

[参考] 中国BOE Technology、中国・合肥(Hefei)に建設した第6世代(6G、基板サイズ,500×1,850mm)LCDパネル工場で量産を開始 --- 2010年11月